From the moment I got Pearl’s egg early June, people started asking me if, when, and how I was going to release her. To that I replied, “She isn’t mine to release,” and was consistently met with a puzzled expression. 

A few mornings ago it became apparent that Pearl has gone from the yard she was slowly venturing further daily. The day had finally came in which she chose to start a journey of her own. Although I love my little duck, she was never mine, and I grew to her purely and without attachment. I am not sad, rather I’m honored and proud to have been able to share a part of my summer with this strand of nature.

My family referred to her as “missing,” “disappeared,” “lost,” etc. But she isn’t any of those things just because she has left. She is found.

As humans, we have this idea that for nature to be successful, it has to be tampered with, or more-so possessed.  We see this mindset every day when people see something natural and beautiful and immediately go to, “I want to own it,” rather than, “I want to appreciate it.”

Pearl was a part of nature. I facilitated her life and gave ger a safe place to grow when she was too young to be on her own, but she was never mine. She is nature’s. I never possessed her. It was never my choice whether she stayed or went. So, on Monday morning upon the news of her absence, I felt joy in my heart.

I will miss her, but I wish her the best in this big world of ours. :’)